Under-invested Aspects and Dreams

Like most people you probably have certain behaviours and attitudes that are overinvested, and others that are underinvested. …

Jung believed that the only sure way to maturation lies in our willingness to recognize and practice our disowned character traits. He called these parts of the self our Shadow. Without them we remain fragmented. With them we not only help ourselves respond to different situations, but we also become whole.

… I like that image. It’s (what you consider) the dark side of you that always follows you around. Well, your Shadow, in the way that Jung means it, always stands just behind you. It’s there but you usually can’t see it.

Actually, it behaves in your dreams exactly the way a beach ball does when you try and hold it down under the water. No matter how hard you try to keep it under, it just keeps popping up.

Have a Great Dream – Book 2; A Deeper Discussion by Layne Dalfen