Future Research Directions

Montgomery, G. H., Schnur, J. B., Kravits, K. (2013). Hypnosis for cancer care: over 200 years young. CA: A cancer journal for clinicians, 63(1), 31–44. DOI: 10.3322/caac.21165

Overall, these studies indicate that hypnosis can be an effective means of controlling distress in women undergoing diagnostic breast cancer procedures. Results from an institutional cost-effectiveness perspective, indicate that at a minimum hypnosis interventions are likely to pay for themselves. That is, cost savings associated with the intervention offset additional costs associated with delivery of the intervention.

We will focus on 6 future research directions, which include the need: 1) for larger scale randomized trials incorporating appropriate controls, cost-effectiveness analyses, and comparative effectiveness analyses; 2) to test new methods of hypnosis delivery; 3) to extend hypnosis research to cancers other than breast; 4) for an increased focus on survivorship; 5) for mechanism studies; and, 6) for dissemination/translation research.