Online Hypnotherapy

Re-program your mind to remove obstacles and open the road to your full potential.

If you are suffering from anxiety and you are looking for help then you are at the right place. Your troubles may relate to,

  • the effects of the pandemic
  • work pressures
  • an important exam
  • dealing with a serious health issue
  • lack of confidence or self-esteem
  • fear of socialising, driving or speaking in public
  • inability to stop a bad habit
  • being terrified in the prospect of change
  • being reluctant to follow your inner calling
  • trouble finding or fulfilling your ‘life mission’

My name is Christos Bohoris and I am a registered hypnotherapist offering therapy sessions online. Ι help my clients overcome stress and anxiety and transform their lives.

What Happens Next?

A. Book an appointment for our first session.

B. In the first session we will explore the problem in detail and from different angles. We will go through the therapeutic approach suitable for you and also our next steps.

C. In subsequent sessions we will utilise hypnotherapy and mindfulness techniques to remove obstacles and trigger processes for positive change.

Appointments are available for online therapy sessions using video-conferencing software. The cost is £70 per session. The first session lasts up to 90 minutes whereas subsequent sessions last up to 60 minutes. Please have a look into the Terms and Conditions and Client Information form for more details.

The Human Mind

We are all aware of the conscious part of our mind where our logical thought processes take place. Our conscious mind is great at solving problems through logic, it gives us control and allows us to be creative and inventive. When its attention is on the present moment, it makes us focus on a task. But it can also wonder around … being distracted, worrying about the future or getting consumed by things of the past. When our conscious mind wonders around, then our unconscious mind takes over, we essentially go on auto-pilot.

The unconscious part of our mind is a large repository of programs on how we should be responding to different situations. The unconscious allows us to automatically carry out thousands of daily tasks and also controls our automatic bodily functions such breathing, heart beat, heat regulation, etc. Unfortunately many of the programs we have accumulated (especially during our childhood) are either negative or unable to help us with the problems we have today.

The Importance of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is important because it allows us to essentially re-program any unconscious responses that do not serve us well.

Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness. Notably, it enhances our capacity for response to suggestion.

Under hypnosis, the unconscious mind accepts positive suggestions, accesses inner resources and triggers problem-solving thought processes that pop up into consciousness. These expand the range of possibilities and enable people to resolve issues, let go of old habits and move away from negative thoughts.

Discover More

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Learn more with my Visual Guide to Hypnosis and the Mind.

I maintain a Facebook group called “Art of Hypnotherapy” and also an Instagram page here!

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My Training

I have a certificate in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (with Distinction) from the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (NCHP), one of the oldest, highly regarded and accredited hypnotherapy colleges in the country.

My continuing professional development includes Mindfulness-based techniques. You can find more about me here.


CNHC Registered for Hypnotherapy (# 000058-I19). The register is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.
National Council for Hypnotherapy
Full Member of NCH (# 9085), the UK’s leading not-for-profit hypnotherapy professional association.
Registered Member (# 1420) of the National Society of Talking Therapies (NSTT).
Affiliated with the UKCP (# 2011169895). This is the leading organisation for the education, training, accreditation and regulation of psychotherapists in the UK.